Eating and Tweeting in Cornwall

Heba is the latest student in Ontario to bring attention to the importance of student nutrition programs among youth in the province. Read More

Student Nutrition Programs = Student Success

Student nutrition programs influence student learning potential and school performance by providing the proper nutrition they need for positive... Read More

Contest Winner Announced

Congratulations Jada Read More

Join the #Toonies4Tummies Twitter Chat Feb 1 @ 9PM ET

Join the conversation about the need and impact of student nutrition programs with our Toonies for Tummies Ambassador, Tracy Moore from Cityline! Read More

Waverley Drive PS

Nothing Can Hold Back Grade 8 Student Mackenzie Wilson from Raising Funds and Awareness for Toonies for Tummies. Read More

Donating is Good for You: Body & Soul

The holidays are a time for giving, and not just because it's the last few weeks of donation season for 2016 income tax receipts. Read More

Why Food is About As Good As Philanthropy Gets

Food is central to cultures around the world.

It nourishes communities.

It brings people together.

At The Grocery Foundation, we believe it is a hallmark of giving for the... Read More

Subject: You are the best

Dear Grocery Foundation,

Today I had a very good day.

I help run two school breakfast programs in Shelburne Ontario, Glenbrook Elementary School and Hyland Heights. My role is to... Read More

Your Toonies for Tummies Donations Are Back to School!

Your donations are making an impact in local communities across Ontario! Read More

Student Nutrition Volunteers Honoured by The Grocery Foundation

Thanks to the efforts of volunteers from across the province, kids returning to school are starting their day off right with a healthy meal.

It's little surprise these volunteers are known... Read More

Breakfast Matters!

Studies have shown a direct correlation between eating a nutritious breakfast and how students perform at school. Read More

We're Hungry for Change

Together, let's make nutrition a priority! Read More

Breakfast Programs offer a Safe Place for all!

The benefits breakfast programs have on children with mental health illness. Read More


With your help, we surpassed our Toonies for Tummies 2016 fundraising goal!! Read More


  1. How do you donate to Toonies for Tummies?

Shoppers can donate in-store, at participating retailers,... Read More


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Providing Children with a Positive Start to the Day

The Grocery Foundation has been a long-time supporter of student... Read More

Thank you for your Support!

You made feeding school-aged children in our community a priority,... Read More

Erasing the Stigma Around Breakfast Clubs

Prior to the launch of our 2017 Toonies for Tummies campaign, one... Read More

How Toonies for Tummies Directly Impacts a Community

Kellie Brace, Nutrition Program Coordinator at Read More

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